The IACTS Masterclasses has consistently strived to bring the best practices & most recent advances in cardiothoracic surgery on a consistent basis since April 2020; in the wake of the ongoing pandemic to benefit faculty, consultants, fellows, residents & members of the heart team alike.

From what started as an experiment with the intention of sustaining the momentum of education and learning in the impasse ensued by the global crisis we are still battling, this academic endeavor has seemingly gone from a form of academic engagement to defining a new-successful working model for learning in our subspecialities.

With the impending 67th Annual Conference slated to take place on the 27th & 28th February 2021, the Masterclasses will resume after the conference.The overwhelming cooperation and support from all members of our fraternity have been inspiring and encouraging to keep this effort going.

We seek your continued benefaction for there remains much more to explore by this means of continuing learning!


Dr. C.S Hiremath M.Ch
Secretary - IACTS