Dr. C.S. Hiremath : Member

Dr. C.S. Hiremath


Dear Colleagues,

With 2024 in line, open to be molded the way we intend it to be, let us all join hands in widening the scope of rendering the best of our capabilities to a larger section of society. In our enthusiastic participation lies quality healthcare and in our dedicated services lie medical relief to the masses of all strata. Yes, let quality healthcare reach out to all, irrespective of their financial backing.

As an association, our committed efforts can ensure improved medical facilities through research and training.
To live in harmony, to stride with respect, to render service to humanity… with this in mind I request every one of you for your combined efforts to achieve this goal of selfless service.

Looking forward to a fruitful year ahead.

Dr. C.S. Hiremath
Indian Association of Cardiovascular-Thoracic Surgeons