President's Message

Dr. Bashi V Velayudhan : Junior Vice President

Dr. Zile Singh Meharwal


Dear Members, 
It’s indeed a privilege and an honor for me to take over as the President of our Indian Association of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons. I thank you all for this honor. I thank all the past Presidents of the Association who have really worked hard to bring the Association to its current shape.
After a gap of more than 2 years, our Annual Meeting was conducted in Hybrid mode. More than 1,000 members attended it physically and enjoyed the meeting. It certainly was a pleasant experience for everyone. The scientific content was great, with excellent National and International faculty who delivered talks in physical or virtual mode. Wet labs were a great learning platform for young surgeons. The industry also got an opportunity to showcase its latest developments and interact with the members. I thank the organizing team who worked very hard to make the Annual Meeting - 2022 successful. I hope we will be able to conduct our future CMEs in physical form. 
I hope and pray that the Covid does not affect the functioning of the healthcare again and we continue to help our patients by timely treatment. 
IACTS Database is an important initiative that was taken by the executive last year. It is aimed at collecting data on cardiac and thoracic procedures in the country which will be analyzed at regular intervals. The database will help us to know the overall surgical activity and to take measures to improve our practices. Ten centres were initially selected as the nodal centres to start entering the data. The overall activity of the database is monitored by National Database Committee under the Chairmanship of Dr Krishna S Iyer. I appeal to all the Institutes to join the National database and start entering their data. 
We will continue to run our masterclasses on a regular basis. These talks which are delivered by eminent faculty on a virtual platform are of immense help for our students and young surgeons. Our dynamic Secretary, Dr C S Hiremath needs to applaud for working very hard to co-ordinate with faculty and conduct the masterclasses.
IACTS fellowship program is already going on. The aim of the program is to help young surgeons join a centre of excellence and get advanced training in a particular sub-speciality. Fellowship was started in coronary and congenital sub-specialities. We plan to expand it to other areas of cardiovascular thoracic surgery. 
The official journal of our Association, the Indian Journal of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons is much stronger than before. Editor-in-Chief, Dr O P Yadava along with other members of the Editorial Board are working very hard to improve the contents of the journal. 
Please feel free to communicate to the IACTS secretariat for any suggestions to take the Association forward. 
I wish everyone good health and happiness. 

Dr. Zile Singh Meharwal 
53rd President
Indian Association of Cardiovascular-Thoracic Surgeons

Secretary's Message

Dr. C.S. Hiremath : Member

Dr. C.S. Hiremath

Dear colleagues and friends, The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about much pain and suffering in the lives of those afflicted, their dear ones and those involved in alleviating the sufferings of the distressed. The sudden halt in life that resulted from this global health crisis continues to be seen well over fifteen months in the form an inertia that clearly allows us to see the fissures in our society.

As we continue to collectively brave the storm, we are encountered with numerous challenges within our own domains as we seek to lessen the sufferings of the world. Resuming surgical work when the natural history and etiology of the disease was unclear was a daring act of conscience, for the conditions we are accustomed to working on remain intrinsic to the present scenario. The suffering of patients with acquired and structural defects remained masked behind the wailing of those millions of souls who fought in this battle. Today, we are equipping ourselves to deal with crises on multiple fronts while ensuring that those involved in caring for the sick continue to do their best in this daunting task of maintaining emotional and work balance alongside mitigating the looming crisis at hand.

Our prayers go out to those “martyrs” who lost their lives in this battle as they put their patients before their own selves, which is reflective of the true meaning of caring for the sick. We salute the indomitable courage and persistence of all those who are involved in filling the crevices left behind by this crisis. As we all are braving this storm and doing the maximum we can with the ardent hope for a strobe of light, we must ensure that we collectively cross each phase while ensuring that the last person in the line has crossed the crisis, just as the first person does not enter the vicious cycle brought about by this disease.

This issue is being brought out in the midst of a secondwave of the pandemic in our country. The future remains uncertain, but the task at hand seems formidable as everto defend until the last man stands. This is a potpourri of some advances in our Association through a fervent effort to keep the progress of science, learning and exchange of ideas consistent despite the storm we are currently rowing in.

As we set out in this task bestowed upon us, we must take every member of the society with us and work fervently in the herculean task of rebuilding the world that remains ahead of us. We shall bear through the storm and set shore for a new normal, nevertheless new-for change is the changeless law of the universe.

I seek your kind support and involvement in keeping up the camaraderie and spirits of our entire fraternity in carrying out our duties and sustaining our spirits to win this global health crisis.

With warm regards,

Dr. C.S. Hiremath  M.Ch

Indian Association of Cardiovascular-Thoracic Surgeons

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