Early Investigations for CAD

Contributed by: 

Dr. O.P.Yadava
C.E.O. & Chief Cardiac Surgeon
National Heart Institute, New Delhi 

Seeds of coronary artery disease (CAD) are sown very early in life.  Attention should be paid to children’s diet and their physical and mental health, besides regular school health checks.

One in 10 healthy people beyond the age of 30 years may have CAD. It is, therefore, important that preventive health checks, including blood pressure, sugar and lipid profile, should be carried out regularly beyond the age of 30-35 years. Additional tests like ECG, Echo, TMT or CT Scan too may be needed. 

High blood pressure and diabetes are silent killers. Even a heart attack may be silent or present as atypical ‘gas’ and ‘acidity’. Therefore, seek medical attention immediately if you get any unexplained discomfort in the chest, back, upper abdomen, throat or jaw. First ECG may not be diagnostic, and serial ECGs and hospitalisation may be required to rule out a heart attack.